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SC allows dance bars in Maharashtra: Govt’s attempts to shut down dance bars show its specious morality, distorted priorities

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The Supreme Court has struck down the attempts of the state government of Maharashtra to shut down dance bars. This is not the first time that the courts have ruled against the state. For the past ten years, the government has tried to shut down dance bars on the grounds of morality, law and order and corrupting the values of the state. Each time, the courts have stepped in and have rapped the state government for such moves.

Instead of stepping back, the state has tried to create new laws (each struck down by the courts). It has sought to put in cameras within the dance bars (also struck down by the courts). It has tried to put policemen inside the bars (also dismissed by the courts). The state has now begun working on ways to take down the details of customers visiting such dance bars. It also wants, according to media reports, to introduce an ordinance to side-step the ruling of the apex court. This is no different from this state not only declaring prostitution illegal, but also creating rules to arrest any customer attempting to strike a deal with a prostitute.

Thus, the police has created two vulnerable sets of people. The first is the prostitute. The second is a softer target – the customer. This, too, is moral policing of the most shameful kind, as will be explained below. And the police are known to pocket bribes from both sets of vulnerable people.

In fact, if one goes back to the past ten years, the state has spent more legislative time on discussing ways to shut down dance bars than on ways to ameliorate the lot of hapless farmers, or penalise cooperatives that have sought to leech off farmers. It has considered farmer deaths to be less important than dance bars. This is a distorted sense of priorities. It is a waste of taxpayers’ money. And it is a specious form of morality.

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