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Rajnath Singh : asks Delhi Police to extend full support to AAP govt

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Rajnath Singh : asks Delhi Police to extend full support to AAP govt

Reciprocating to the Aam Aadmi Party government’s ‘efforts’ to maintain cordial relations with the Centre, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday asked Delhi Police to extend full support to it.

At the raising day parade of the Delhi Police, Mr Singh said, “I would like to remind you that a new government has been formed in Delhi. A new party has got the mandate and a new government is formed. I expect you to extend full cooperation to this newly-formed government so that it can pave the way for the city’s development.”

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Mr Kejriwal had met Rajnath Singh and also Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week to emphasise that he saw “a golden opportunity” for grant of full statehood to Delhi with majority governments both at the Centre and the state.

At the police parade Mr Singh reiterated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision that states should be given every assistance rising above party lines in keeping with the spirit of “cooperative federalism”.

Mr Singh said it was not just the people of Delhi, but even the Prime Minister who is worried about the rise of crime against women in the city.


The early days of AAP’s second tenure in Delhi has been in contrast with the last time when Mr. Kejriwal had staged a dharna demanding the control of Delhi Police. Back then, the Chief Minister and his entire Cabinet protested over their demand of action against a few police officers.

During his address Mr. Singh also had assuring words for the minorities in the Capital as he said that the Centre and Delhi Police would extend full cooperation to ensure their security and the safety of their institutions.

“We are pained when something happens to them anywhere in the country. I would like to say that if anybody practises discrimination against them, strict action would be taken,” he said.

The home minister advised Delhi Police to give protection to the poor people and said the force “should be sensitive to the right to livelihood of street vendors, rickshaw pullers and small traders and strive to win their blessings”.

He said that police should take “dua” (blessings) from the poor and give “dawa” (succour) by dealing strictly with criminal elements.

“If you give the ‘dawa’ for criminal elements, the general public will give you ‘dua’,” he said.

Stressing on the need for adopting modern technologies for effective policing in the 21st century, Singh said that the new procedure for issuing the Police Clearance Certificate was a step in that direction.

He said that Delhi Police should take the lead to realise the Prime Minister’s dream of ‘SMART Police’ (S-Sensitive and Strict; M-Modern with Mobility; A-Alert and Accountable; R-Reliable and Responsive; T-Trained and Techno-savvy).
He also lauded Delhi Police’s Himmat app, which was launched by him a couple of weeks ago, terming it an “effective application to provide security to women” in the national capital.
Flagging women’s safety as a major concern, he said that the Centre has asked all state governments to constitute Investigative Units on crimes against women.


Meanwhile, talking about the recent attacks on churches, Singh said that the Delhi Police Commissioner and other officials have taken strong action to prevent repeat of such incidents.

Different communities live here and small things become national news while anything bigger becomes international news, which hurts Delhi Police’s image, he said, adding that the force should work proactively to maintain its image.

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